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    AC Inspection | Air Conditioning Service

    Our Cool-Headed Approach to Summertime Comfort.

    You’ve heard the saying: “Let cooler heads prevail.”  Good advice when you’re locked in a war of words.

    At C&D, however, it’s more about letting “cooler temperatures” prevail – indoors, that is, all summer long. We bring all our training, experience, and considerable skill to that task any time you need it.

    For us, the cooling season begins in early spring.  That’s the ideal time of year to have your AC system cleaned and inspected. That way, you’ll be better assured of problem-free performance until the return of fall.

    Our AC cleaning and inspection service is thorough to the core and designed to deliver these added benefits:

    • Fewer and less costly repairs
    • Longer equipment life
    • Reduced indoor humidity
    • Lower utility bills
    • Enhanced family and home safety

    To ensure top-flight AC performance from one year to the next, check out our Annual Service Plan. For one low fee, you get a host of benefits, including annual AC and heating system maintenance at no additional fee.

    AC Repair | Emergency AC Repair

    For many families throughout the area, whole-house air conditioning is more than a convenience, it’s a medical necessity.  That’s just one of several reasons why we offer 24/7 emergency repair service.

    For problems large and small, and for all makes and models of central and ductless air systems, C&D Cooling is supremely well-qualified to solve the problem, no matter what it takes. Among our many credentials is N.A.T.E. certification.  N.A.T.E. (North American Technical Excellence) certification means we have met or exceeded the most rigorous training program of them all, one that requires ongoing training and development.  It’s means we’re among the best at our craft, someone who’s experience and skill you can always count on.

    So, if your central or ductless air system is acting up, we’re ready to act promptly and professionally on your behalf.

    C&D Cooling & Heating. Our customers trust us. And now, we’re ready to earn yours too.

    When you need us, we’ll be there!