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The Many Benefits of Central Air

Let’s say you’re the cynical type and a friend asks you:

“Why do you want to spend your hard-earned money on a central air conditioning system?”

After digesting what you consider to be perhaps one of the dumbest questions in history, the best you have as a retort is a bit of sarcasm:

“Uh, why do you prefer sleeping in a bed vs. a stove?”

Now that you’ve vented just a bit, and hopefully all in good fun, you provide what you consider to be the obvious answer – so obvious, it shouldn’t even need to be spoken!

“Why do we want central air? Because we prefer a cool house to a sweat box!! Why else?”

And here we are, at the crux of the matter, as C&D Cooling & Heating now explains several ways in which central air can improve your life.

Better Cooling

Sure, fans and window air conditioners also can keep you cool, but not as effectively as central air. Unlike central air, fans and wall or window units don’t circulate conditioned air throughout your home. Plus, by installing multiple window units, you make it easier for someone to break in, they don’t look so hot from outdoors, plus they can be on the noisy side.

Better Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep in a hot, humid room can be nearly impossible. When you don’t sleep well, irritability, fatigue, poor focus, and other symptoms are bound to develop the next morning and probably well into your day. The simple truth is we sleep better in cooler temperatures. When we begin to feel tired, out natural temperature drops. Being in a hot room can block this process. A cool room means you’ll fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Better quality sleep also translates into a better mood, better focus, reduced stress, and even a boosted immune system.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air can be up to five times more contaminated than the air outside. Dirt, dust, chemical by-products, fumes, and other pollutants are constantly building up inside where they can trigger reactions like allergies, asthma, headaches, nausea, and other ailments. A central air system circulates fresh air through your home while the system’s filter traps allergens and pollutants so you can breathe a little easier. The trick is to clean or replace your filters about every eight weeks.

Controlled Humidity

Having just the right amount of humidity in the air is beneficial for your health and home. Too much humidity can promote mold and mildew growth which can be especially problematic for those with mold allergies. Excess moisture can also result in warped or rotted furniture and building materials and can compromise a home’s structural integrity. A properly functioning, well-maintained central air system removes excess moisture from the air, keeping humidity levels in check. However, as a system ages, it’s ability to control humidity diminishes. If you’re noticing that your system is not keeping you as cool as it once did, it might be time to consider supplementing it with a whole-house dehumidifier or, if the AC system is showing other signs of diminishing effectiveness, the right move would be to replace it.

Energy Efficient

Today’s central air systems are more energy efficient than ever making them more affordable to operate. In fact, replacing an aging system that struggles to maintain the level of comfort you desire with a newer, more energy efficient unit can translate to instant utility savings. Plus, when compared to a house-full of individual room air conditioners, a central air system can save enough on electricity to recoup a substantial part of the cost of a new system within just a few years.

Still think a central air system is simply about cooler temperatures. Contact C&D today to get the whole story and our best recommendation on how to turn your home into a summertime haven.