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Zone Control Systems Reduce Utility Costs

With the American population steadily aging, here’s a scenario that’s becoming increasingly common.

You and your spouse still live in the same home you raised your children in. Back then, it was chaos, but your own special brand of chaos. And now you have all those memories of a different time. You also have heating and cooling systems designed for a family of four or more, not for two. Back in the day, one zone and one thermostat were adequate because the house was almost always full. Now, you might be using two rooms at a time, which means the rest of the house, empty as it might be, is receiving just as much conditioned air. Which means you’re paying too much.

Whether or not you live on a fixed income, or anything close, why would you want higher than necessary utility bills, especially when that can so easily be avoided? Instead, allow C&D Cooling & Heating to come into your home to recommend the right number of additional zones, each with its own programmable thermostat. That way, even if you’re not home, you can adjust temperatures one zone at a time to suit your schedule.

Not actively using the kids’ bedrooms? Has the finished basement become a trophy room minus its former occupants? Do you really need to heat your living and dining rooms to maximum comfort levels while you’re fast asleep?

These are all good reasons to set your temperatures, one zone at a time, and change the settings as the day wears on.

For more information and a free whole-house zone control proposal, contact C&D today. We’re your local, fully capable resource for all things cooling and heating.