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    New AC System | Replacement AC System

    Ah, That’s Better. Way Better!

    The average lifespan of a central air system is 12-15 years. The older it gets, the less energy efficient it gets. As such, electricity prices keep climbing, more and more repairs are needed, and indoor humidity levels are downright uncomfortable.

    Not a pretty picture, is it? And yet it’s one that faces area homeowners all cooling season long. And when the problems get more than people can stand, an ever increasing number contact C&D Cooling & Heating to make things right again.

    Or, maybe your family has been getting by with window and/or portable units and you’ve reached the point where “enough is enough”.

    No matter what your motivation might be, our highly skilled HVAC installation team can bring you whole new levels of indoor comfort at greatly reduced energy costs…the kind of savings that can eventually cover the cost of your new system.

    Central AC System | Air Conditioning Company  

    Even the best AC systems can’t do the job unless they’re properly sized for your home. We also check to ensure your air ducts are properly sized with cracks or leaks…otherwise, you’ll cool areas that don’t need to be cooled and place added wear and tear on your equipment.

    Here are some of what’s available in today’s modern cooling systems that help conserve energy:

    • Large coils for more efficient heat transfer
    • Variable speed blower to eliminate on-and-off cycling
    • A fan-only switch to keep the fan running but the cooling function off temporarily
    • A filter indicator light that signals it’s time to clean or change the filter

    There’s more to it, of course. But fear not – you’ll have C&D Cooling & Heating to guide you every step of the way.

    For more information or a free in-home proposal, contact us today.

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