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    Ductless Air | Wall-Mounted Air System

    “Air Ducts? Who Needs ‘Em?”

    It’s quite possible YOU don’t, all thanks to ductless heating and air systems.

    They were initially designed for one primary purpose: for homes either with no air ducts, or those where it would be difficult and costly – if not impossible – to add them. As time went on,  more and more uses presented themselves making ductless air systems ever popular.

    Before we tell you how to use them, let’s examine what separates ductless air from other types of heating and cooling systems.

    What is a Ductless Air System?

     Would you know a ductless air system if you saw one?  Here’s how to tell (by sight and otherwise):

    • Outside condensing unit that resembles, but isn’t quite like, a central AC unit
    • Instead of connecting to an indoor air handler, ductless condensing units connect to one or more wall-mounted blowers
    • Remote-control temperature control, one wall unit at a time
    • Super quiet operation
    • Huge savings on installation vs. separate heating and cooling systems
    • Easier to maintain than separate home comfort systems
    • Use your system to heat and cool an area, or just one of the other – your choice!

    That’s what a ductless air system is…now check out what it does.

    Advantages of Ductless Air

    The longer ductless air systems have been around (invented in 1973), the more ways people find to use them.  Here are the most common applications:

    • Whole-house heating and cooling
    • Whole-house cooling where central heating already exists
    • Heat and cool a finished attic or basement
    • Heat and cool a room addition
    • Climate control for garages and other out-buildings where temperature-sensitive objects are stored, like an antique car
    • Install a system upstairs to enhance the effect of your central AC system

    Ductless Air Maintenance | Ductless Air Repair

    Ductless air may still be a relative unknown for you, but we’ve been installing, maintaining, and repairing them for decades. In fact, when it comes to service and repair, we work on most makes and models…no doubt including yours.

    So, whether you’re looking to install a new system or get more from the one you already have, contact C&D Cooling & Heating today.

    When you need us, we’ll be there!