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    Home Comfort Add-Ons

    How to Make Your Heating & Cooling Systems Work Smarter, Not Harder.

    If temperatures are controlled in your home by a single thermostat, you’re probably paying too much to heat and cool it. We know of a family of three, for example, that just had their first AC system installed. (The family is not from this area, by the way, so they’re not among our many customers.).

    They live in a two-story colonial style house that’s a little over 1,800 square feet.  It’s their first central AC system and, among other things, they were thrilled to get rid of their window units once and for all.

    When one of our employees – a friend of the family – asked how many thermostats they had installed, the answer was “one”.  When asked why, they said it was one way to save a little money on installation.

    What they didn’t realize was that their decision will most likely cost them far more in added electricity than what they saved by sticking with one zone and one thermostat. That’s because when, for example, the family gathered downstairs, the upstairs rooms are getting just as much cool air – except it’s cool air that’s being wasted.

    Sad to say, we run into situations like this all the time, but do our best to rectify them.

    Whole-House Zone Control | Programmable Thermostat

    What’s the right number of zones and thermostats for your home? It depends on several factors, but we’re here to help you choose wisely.

    Of course, it’s not just about the number of thermostats, but the quality. Programmable thermostats, for example, are a far better alternative than non-programmable models – especially those with Wi-Fi access. That way, you can change settings from afar should your plans or weather conditions suddenly change.

    Certain programmable thermostats even “learn” your family’s schedule and temperature control habits so they can anticipate and adjust on their own.

    Now that’s smart!

    To learn more about whole-house zone control and programmable thermostats, contact C&D Cooling & Heating today.

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