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    Take a Deep Breath! But Only if You Know What You’re Breathing!

    When you walk into a kitchen and smell a home-made apple pie baking, you can’t help but take a deep breath to absorb the full aroma.

    On the other hand, sometimes it’s all you can do to get your trash bin to the curb for the accumulated stink it’s giving off.

    Then there’s the kind of breathing that feels just fine – but may not be. The kind that takes place inside your home. The kind of breathing that’s potentially filling your lungs with unhealthy quantities of dust, bacteria, chemical by-products, radium, pesticides, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and other known contaminants.

    There are numerous ways to reduce the amount of airborne pollutants, and duct cleaning is one of them. In fact, it’s one of the primary indoor air quality solutions performed by C&D Cooling & Heating.

    We’ll clean and scrub the inside of your ducts from end to end. That way, when your furnace of central AC fan engages, it won’t have any more dust, dirt and other debris to blow into your living spaces.

    We recommend having this service performed every 3-4 years. Has it been that long for you, or perhaps you simply don’t remember? Either way, contact us today for more information, a free quote, and reliable service.

    At the end of the day, your entire family will breathe a whole lot easier.

    When you need us, we’ll be there!