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Combat Dry Indoor Air

Dry indoor air is not your friend. It can make your life downright miserable. Dry sinuses, dry, itchy skin, lifeless hair, and static electricity are just some of the issues dry air can cause. And yet many homeowners, especially those with forced air heating systems, spend all fall and winter putting up with it. Sure, saline nasal spray, extra hand and body lotion, and a moisturizing shampoo remove some of the misery of dry indoor air, but wouldn’t you rather a better and perhaps more permanent solution?

Here are just a few simple home remedies you can employ for an improved winter experience.

  • Stock up on household plants. Look for varieties that add moisture to the air including Boston fern, rubber plant, and English ivy.
  • Go easy on the hot water during your shower and cut the length of the shower by a few minutes. Apply a moisturizing lotion while your body is still damp.
  • Instead of using the heated dry setting on your dishwasher, open the door once the cycle is complete and let the steam and warmth flood your kitchen. Plus, you’ll save a few bucks on utility costs by air drying.
  • Hang clothing items up to dry on portable dryer racks instead of using the clothes dryer.
  • If you have floor registers or vents, place a bowl of water near one or more to heat the water and humidify the air.
  • Crack open a window or two -when weather allows – to give dry air a way to get out.

A Whole-House Solution from C&D Cooling & Heating

While each of the above measures will provide some relief, they can’t match the effectiveness of a whole-house humidifier, expertly installed by C&D. We have multiple options and will help you choose the right one for your household’s needs and budget.

In addition to fewer sinus problems and softer skin and hair, a whole-house humidifier will:

  • Deliver greater comfort at lower thermostat settings. The greater the humidity in the air, the warmer you’ll feel. This means you can reduce the temperature on the thermostat by a couple degrees without sacrificing comfort. And that translates into a reduction in heating costs.
  • Protect your wood floors, doors, and furniture doors. Dry air saps the moisture from anything made of wood, causing the wood to warp and crack, especially more delicate pieces such as wood instruments.
  • Promote a better night’s sleep. It’s hard to get the rest you need when you’re constantly waking up with dry sinuses, congestion and cough, and headaches.
  • Reduce static electricity. Static electricity can cause clothing and blankets to stick together and deliver a painful shock anytime you touch a metal surface. When air is properly humidified, however, the static electricity in your home naturally eases up.

It’s time to stop suffering needlessly with dry indoor air and do something about it – permanently. Contact C&D Cooling & Heating today for more information and a free new system quote.