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Common AC System Noises and What They Mean

If you have kids living at home, you know all about strange and unexpected noises.  And what happens when one erupts that you don’t recognize? You get all agitated, run to see what’s going on, and then react based on the evidence at hand.

Well, loud and unexpected noises can emanate from your air conditioning system, too. You might think you know the source or what might be causing it – but when you can’t, you become even more aggravated.

There’s a core set of AC noises you might encounter as your system starts to wind down. Of course, if grating noises were the only issue, you might just learn to tolerate them. But noise often equals trouble, which is why you should pay close attention to the sounds you hear.

Outdoor Condenser Noises

  • Hissing (or bubbling) – indicates a leak in a refrigerant line.
  • Buzzing – usually caused by a faulty electrical connection inside the motor.
  • A loud bang – indicating your motor’s mount has loosened, thus enabling the motor to move around and bump into neighboring parts.
  • Humming – caused by a motor attempting to turn on but failing to do so.
  • Screaming (or screeching) – happens when pressure builds up and becomes too great for your AC to handle. If you hear it, shut off your system and contact C&D Cooling & Heating right away.

Indoor Air Handler Noises

  • Buzzing – it’s not flies in the air handler, but more likely one or more loose electrical connections or components
  • Hissing – most likely a refrigerant leak.
  • Clicking – the sound of relays switching on and off due to a problem with your thermostat.

What do all these problems have in common? C&D Cooling & Heating is amply qualified to diagnose the problem and implement exactly the right solution. So, for annual system maintenance or likely repair problems, contact C&D today – you complete cooling and heating resource.