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Common Furnace Repairs

Your throat turns scratchy in an instant and, voila, you know a cold is coming. You bump into the car ahead of you at a traffic light and, depending at how fast you were driving, either a ticket, insurance claim, or both are hot on your heels.  Not to mention the hassle that such life experiences can produce.

Well, there are plenty of things that can happen at home, too, that take you equally by surprise. And with an equal lack of aggravation. Take a faltering furnace, for example. It’s something you’ve depended on a for a very long time and, until now, it’s never failed to provide for your family’s winter-time comfort. But now, and just like that, it’s trying to tell you one of two things:

  • “Fix me…can’t you see or hear what’s going on?!”
  • “Replace me…I can’t cut it anymore.”

What exactly are the signals a furnace issues to alert you to pending or current hiccups in its performance? Let’s have a look.

  • The age of your furnace. Knowing that the average heating system will last 12-15 years, it’s important to keep track of its age. You see, even if your furnace is 18 years old and working like a charm, it’s still a good idea to at least consider replacing it…after all, it won’t last forever.
  • Large increases in heating costs. If your heating costs have risen a little each year by a predictable amount, you can chalk that up to rising fuel costs and a little to furnace wear and tear. On the other hand, if – from one season to the next – you see a 50% or higher increase in cost, you have a great opportunity to replace your furnace…the fuel savings alone will cover the cost of the new system over time.
  • Uneven temperatures. Heating systems are designed to deliver even amounts of heat from one room to the next. If, however, you’re experiencing hot and cold spots, forcing you to raise the thermostat to compensate, there’s a system, thermostat, or airflow problem waiting to be fixed.
  • The smell of gas. This isn’t an issue that can wait. If you smell gas, vacate your home immediately and call both the gas company and the home heating professionals at C&D Cooling & Heating from a safe distance. On your way out, open as many windows as you can to vent the noxious fumes.
  • Loud noises. Heating systems are designed to be felt, not heard. So, when noises start popping up, you have yet another occasion to contact a professional.

What do all symptoms have in common? Each one can be thoroughly diagnosed and resolved by C&D Cooling & Heating.  The solution could be as simple as a system clean and check. If your furnace can be repaired, we can handle that, too.  Or, if the cost of repair isn’t worth it, we’ll recommend the right replacement system for your home and budget.

Contact us today or anytime for high-quality home heating service, repair, and system installation.