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Create a Dust-Free Home

No matter how often you clean your home, chances are you can never keep up with the dust. Not only annoying, dust is also pretty gross when you think about all the dirt, pollen, hair, dead skin cells, and airborne pollutants that contribute to is. For those suffering from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems, dust can exacerbate symptoms and compromise their quality of life.

Minimizing the amount of dust in your home can make a significant difference in air quality, help prolong the life of furniture, appliances, and household electronics, and make your home cleaner. Here are some simple suggestions on how to improve the quality of the air in your home and keep it as dust-free as can be.

  1. Use both indoor and outdoor doormats. Anytime someone walks into your home, they track dirt, chemicals, and other pollutants inside. Placing bristle-top door mats inside and out helps trap dirt and keep it from traveling farther into your living space.
  2. Keep up with pet grooming. Our furry companions produce a lot of hair. And since dead skin cells and hair are a major contributor to dust, it’s important to groom pets regularly to help keep dust from accumulating.
  3. Keep the windows closed. While everyone benefits from a little fresh air, opening windows increases the amount of dust that enters your home. Keeping them closed, especially on windy days, can minimize the problem.
  4. Skip the carpeting. Removing the carpeting from your home might seem like a drastic measure, but carpet and area rugs hold an awful lot of dust and dirt, not to mention odor. If redecorating is in your near future, consider installing a hard-surface flooring like wood, vinyl, or tile. Or if you have hardwood under carpet, have it sanded and refinished.
  5. Give area rugs a good beating. If you simply can’t go without area rugs, rid them of dust by taking them outside and giving them a good beating. Rug beaters are better at removing set-in dust and dirt than vacuuming alone.
  6. Wash your pillows. While washing sheets and pillowcases weekly is great, dust mites can still live inside your pillows. Wash them in the washing machine or by hand using a mild detergent to rid them of dust mites and enjoy a healthier night’s sleep.
  7. Use good old water. Don’t underestimate the power of water and a mop when it comes to ridding your home of dust. In fact, this simple, environmentally friendly method can eliminate up to 90 percent of the dust in your home.
  8. Install a humidifier. When the air is dry inside your home, static electricity builds up and attracts dust, causing it to cling to surfaces. The solution? A whole-house humidifier that keeps relative humidity levels between 40 and 50 percent throughout your home. This will not only help eliminate static but also prevent itchy, flaky skin, limp, lifeless hair, and dry, cracked nails.

And that’s where we come in – C&D Cooling & Heating. A whole-house humidifier expertly sized and installed by the indoor air quality specialists are C&D will not only help rid your home of dust, but also help provide relief from allergies and asthma, prevent dry, itchy skin, and allow you to feel more comfortable at lower temperature settings. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a free in-home comfort analysis.