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Do I Need Air Conditioning Service?

Imagine pulling into your driveway on a scorching summer day. You’re hot, tired, stressed, and maybe even hungry. All you want is to put your feet up and relax in your perfectly cooled home. Now imagine the surprise of walking into what feels like an oven.

Surely someone turned the AC off. Or the thermostat batteries just need to be replaced. Or a circuit was tripped. You frantically check all that and more as the temperature – and your blood pressure – continue to rise. Then, you accept the inevitable – you need to call a trusted HVAC professional.

In the above scenario, the need for HVAC service was obvious – a non-functioning AC system. Yet in other instances it’s not so cut and dry. Here are 6 instances when it’s best to schedule a service call on the double.

Excessive Cycling

When a furnace or AC is unable to produce enough warm or cool air, it will cycle on and off more frequently than it should, resulting in excess wear and tear on the system and its components. If you notice your HVAC system turning off only to turn back on a few minutes later, it’s time to schedule a service call so the problem can be diagnosed and repaired.

Excessive Noise

It’s normal to hear some noise from an AC or furnace as it runs, but that noise should be nothing more than a low, steady hum. Except are you hearing banging, clanking, rattling, or other unusual sounds? There may be an issue with the fan, motor, or other major part that requires prompt attention.

Reduced Airflow

When a furnace or AC stops blowing warm or cool air forcefully, it’s a sure sign something’s gone wrong. Hopefully it’s a quick, inexpensive fix like a leak in an air duct. Or it could be something more, and the only way to know for sure is to have the system checked by an HVAC tech.

Unusual Odor

While you may notice a mild, dusty odor when you first turn on your HVAC system for the season, the smell should quickly dissipate. A chemical odor or musty smell could signal mold in the system. Or a burning smell could indicate a problem with the motor, thus resulting in a potential fire hazard.

Inaccurate Thermostat Reading

It’s important for the thermostat to provide an accurate reading. Without it, how do you know the true indoor temperature? This may be a minor maintenance step or require new thermostat installation.

Excess Humidity

Your central air system is responsible not only for cooling the air but also removing excess humidity. And an aging, worn down system will not remove humidity effectively, making the air less and less comfortable.

C&D Cooling & Heating to the Rescue

Most AC or furnace problems don’t simply materialize out of thin air. They develop over time. As such, scheduling annual preventive maintenance with C&D can help keep both systems in top working order and repair costs to a bare minimum. Contact us today and feel more confident that you’re coming home to your house – just the way you like it.