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How Often Should I Replace My Air Filter?

Furnaces and central air conditioning systems have filters that trap dirt, dust, and a variety of other particulates from the air that passes through them. To prevent a build-up of those pollutants, help keep your systems running smoothly, and sustain proper airflow, filters must be replaced routinely. But just how often should that occur?

Read on as we explain how often to replace a standard air filter.

Check Filter Packaging

The first step is to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the air filter packaging. Most recommend replacing them every 30 to 90 days, though it will depend on the type of filter. For example, pleated filters cost a bit more but can last up to six months before needing replacement. Standard fiberglass filters cost less but require more frequent replacement.

Consider Your Household

The less inhabitants in a home, the fewer contaminants are likely to get trapped in an air filter. On the other hand, a large home regardless of household size has more air circulating through a filter and may need more frequent replacing. Homes with smokers or pets that shed will also benefit from frequent filter changes.

How is the Air Quality?

The air inside your home can be up to five times more polluted than the air outdoors. If your home is excessively dusty, you or a household member smoke inside, or if someone suffers from allergies or asthma, replacing the air filter more frequently can help improve overall air quality. Other things that can help include replacing your vacuum with one that contains a HEPA filter, dusting or cleaning more often, and removing shoes upon entering the house.

Consider Your Health

A clogged, dirty filter will no longer be able to trap dirt, dust, dander and other contaminants, thereby releasing them into your living space where they can exacerbate problems stemming from asthma, allergies, and a variety of respiratory issues. You may experience more frequent coughing, sneezing, itchy/water eyes, wheezing, and so on. If you have mild to moderate allergies, replace the air filter every four to six weeks. For severe issues, more frequent replacement may be needed, depending on filter type.

Don’t Forget Remodeling Projects

Finally remodeling that dated kitchen or bathroom? Or maybe a sunroom addition is in your future. No matter the remodeling project, you can be sure it will send excess dust and debris into the air and into your filter. Anytime you need to vacuum or dust more frequently, check the air filter as well.

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