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Top Garage Upgrades

A garage is so much more than a covered place to park your car. Or at least it can be.

Take, for example, homeowners who use the space as a workshop, storage area for tools and lawn equipment, and a safe place to stow bikes, outdoor toys, and sports equipment.  But even with all that there are still greater possibilities.

Follow these tips to turn your cluttered garage into a well-organized, efficient, and cleaner space and make the most of this valuable space.

Up, Up, & Away – If you’re not taking advantage of the overhead space, you’re missing out.  Consider a ceiling storage system to stash seasonal décor, outdoor equipment, and seldom used items.

Tool Storage – Whether you’re a DIY devotee or a half-hearted fixer, it’s important to have a place for everything – and everything in its place.  Consider investing in a designated tool storage rack or cabinets along with separate bins or drawers for all the incidentals, like drill bits, nails, screws, picture hangers, and more.

Squeaky Clean – Use a leaf blower to routinely clean away the dirt, dust, and debris that often settles in a garage (don’t forget to wear a mask!).  While you’re at it, check for critters – or evidence of their proximity – that might have taken up residence or that frequently come a-calling.  While small cracks in the concrete are common, repair work might be necessary if even the small cracks serve as open doors.

Banish Drafts – Seal your garage against drafts by replacing weather stripping around doors, replacing the rubber gasket on the bottom of the garage door, and caulking around windows.

Put it in Reverse – Check the auto reverse feature on your garage door to ensure it functions properly.  Simply place a box or bucket directly in the door’s path and press the “close” button on the garage door opener. The door should reverse direction the second it touches the item on the floor.  If it doesn’t, have it repaired.

Get Wired – If you run heavy-duty equipment like an air compressor, talk to a licensed electrician to make sure your garage is properly wired.

Insulate – To spend more time in your garage even during the coldest months, insulate the room.  Insulation will make the space more enjoyable year-around; it will also help reduce your energy bills.

Replace the Floor – Want an upgrade you’ll appreciate every time you step foot inside your garage?  Refurbish and protect the concrete flooring by covering it with a polyaspartic floor covering for a durable, clean, and attractive surface.

Do you store valuable items in your garage, or would you under the proper circumstances?  In that case, maybe the only thing missing is a ductless air system, one that will protect your garage from extreme temperatures year-round and enable you to spend all the time inside it that you like.  For more information and a free proposal, contact C&D Cooling & Heating today.