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Why You Should Leave Shoes at the Door

Have you ever been asked to remove your shoes upon entering someone’s home? Did that request make you roll your eyes, wonder why you spent a good 15 minutes picking out just the right pair, or otherwise annoy you? Or maybe you’re the one asking guests to remove their shoes and you don’t much care how they react. Either way, it’s a simple enough request that fulfills a very important purpose.

Here are 5 reasons for family members and visitors to leave their footwear the door.

Less Vacuuming

No matter how well you wipe your shoes on a doormat, particles of all sorts will cling to the bottom of your shoes, especially those with rubber soles. But the less dirt that gets tracked inside, the less often you’ll need to vacuum.

Banish Toxins

The soles of our shoes deliver more than dust into your home. Pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and chemicals all get a free ride indoors where they can then pollute surfaces and indoor air. Taking shoes off at the door helps minimize all that.

Stay Healthy

Did you know that the bacteria strains found on shoes can cause diarrhea, meningitis, pneumonia, and even colitis? Some of those strains have shown to be resistant to household cleaning measures like vacuuming, sweeping floors, mopping, etc.

Stronger Feet and Legs

Orthopedic professionals believe that walking around barefoot or in socks on a regular basis promotes better balance, improved posture, and stronger leg muscles.

Another Way to Clean Your Indoor Air

Many indoor pollutants brought in on the soles of shoes can just as easily become airborne, and then you have much bigger problems on your hands. To help put your mind at ease, contact C&D Cooling & Heating today and ask about our whole-house indoor air quality solutions. We have the right system for every home and budget – solutions that can solve many more issues than contaminants that enter your home on the soles of your footwear.